Sheltered Accommodation & Nursing Homes

There are a small number of residential centres in the Parish of Hanley. When notice is given to the priest or parish sister, those unable to come to Church are visited in their homes or in their residential centre. 

Sheltered accommodation: Reginald Mitchell Court

There are many parishioners at Sacred Heart who live in the nearby Reginald Mitchell Court. 

Catholics who are unable to get to Church are visited regularly by the Parish Sister. 
There is also a monthly mass which is usually at 10am on the first Tuesday of each month. 

Masses in 2010 are on the following dates: 
March 8th (Monday) 10am
April 6th (Easter Tuesday) 10am
May 4th (Tuesday) 10am
June 8th (Tuesday) 10am
July 6th (Tuesday) 10am
August 3rd (Tuesday) 10am
September 7th (Tuesday) 10am
October 5th (Tuesday) 10am
November 2nd (Tuesday) 10am
December 7th (Tuesday) 10am