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find out more about the Catholic Faith ... we meet monthly on Tuesdays in the Newman Room, Downey Street, Hanley. Click here for a map. 
Month Date Title    Topic ✔
October18 October 2011I believe in God The Existence and Nature of God ✔
November15th November 2011I believe in the Word of God Scripture - the Old and the New Testament 
December13th December 2011 
I believe in Jesus Christ The Incarnation, Jesus Christ 
 January10th January 2012I believe in the ChurchOne, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church  
 February14th February 2012I believe in right and wrongThe Moral Life  
 March13th March 2012 I believe in the forgiveness of sins Reconciliation 
 April10th April 2012I believe in the resurrection of the dead Resurrection 
 May8th May 2012 I believe in the communion of saints Mary and the Saints 
 June12th June 2012I believe in the Holy Spirit     The Holy Spirit 
 July & August - Summer break -   
 September 11th September 2012I believe in the Mass The Mass, Sacrifice and Real Presence of Christ 
 October 9th October 2012I believe in God  The Existence and Nature of God 
 November 13th November 2012I believe in the Word of God Scripture - the Old and New Testament                                                                                                                  
 December 11th December 2012
I believe in Jesus Christ  The Incarnation,  Jesus Christ